Future Plan

  1. The databases and user interfaces will be refined based on input from the use cases and consultation workshops to be held with different stakeholders. 
  2. In the near future the centre is planning to address people and offices that do not have internet access. 
  3. There is also a plan to incorporate additional capabilities of the system for instance analyses models that indicate climate change and incorporating climate change scenarios based on the available row data. 
  4. The IT team will develop training materials to be used by a wide group of researchers and stakeholders. Eventually the IT team will assist the stakeholders teams further develop their own training materials for their employees. 
  5. Since one of the goals of the WLRC is to ensure long-term availability of data, models, tools, training materials and methodologies used in the database project, there will be an archive system that will store the historical events going on the database so that older data can be retrieved.