Exploring the system for a while

Search Engine

The system is designed to search information based on the criteria a user set following data download interface that will be prompted when the user clicks on the menu. After searching is completed, the information will be displayed and enable the user to view the data in different formats (in table, chart) and summarized data are also downloadable in CSV format.

Web enabled GIS interface

The system allows users to link and locate the data being searched in a map that he/she can view and download he spatial information. Using the web interface the user can  choose to link the data being searched with spatial layers.

Web mapping and interactive selection

The application of web mapping is a recent technology. The system has a capability to view, edit, manipulate and to some extent analyze spatial data and transform it to useful information and users can download the data as per the permission the system administrator set on the dataset. The system has the functionality to query the available information in the database in an interactive way with spatially referenced layers. When one fill the criteria in the search engine, the system will search required information or data based on the criteria set by users and display the result in a window that shows the spatial layer with other attributes. Based on the interest of the user, one can download or extract and interpret the information as he/she wishes.

Client oriented downloading formats

The system allows the users to download with common downloading formats (excel, word and image) for the non-spatial and shape file data.